We’re all teachers (reading list)

As Kid President says, “we’re all teachers.”

So, here is my top 10 list of books that I think have made me a better teacher. I know they have made teaching even more fun for me.

On the strength of its content, 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability takes the top spot on this list, ahead of books that are more well-known and entertaining. Reading anything on this list will help teachers save time and do a better job. Anyone who doesn’t see themselves as a teacher is missing out.

Those interested in Engineering Education should also check out the free “Educating the Engineer of 2020” report from the National Academy of Engineering. It’s been 8 years since this report was published, it’s only 7 until 2020, and I think we’re dropping the ball on these recommendations.

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Way more fun than academic journal articles

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