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Pigs are fast swimmers and the 10 best things I learned from students last week

#4 - Pigs are good swimmers (Image courtesy  of cdorobek on flickr)

I’m always learning from students, especially at the beginning of every semester, when I meet individually with everyone in my classes. So that I am not hogging knowledge, here are the 10 best things I learned from about 65 meetings last week: 10. No one considers my class the highest priority in their life. 9. It can be cheaper to “donate” medical waste than dispose Read More →

Assignments that discourage elegance

A capstone report

Have you ever left useless information in a paper? I still do1. Maybe you just wanted the teacher to see that you did this work, even though it was no longer relevant. Maybe you were personally attached to the irrelevant work and didn’t want to write it off as a sunk cost 2. Whether it’s a school paper or an assignment at work, a complicated solution Read More →

Speed dating is way better than a normal class

speed dating

I was planning a post this week describing how to use speed dating as a class activity. I can always count on speed dating day as one of my favorite classes of the semester – the energy in the room is unbelievable. Students enjoy it and appear to learn while, at the very least, practicing their communication skills (over and over and over). As I Read More →

I learned more from a single soccer season than I ever learned in school

Glory days

“There is not a book, a class, a concentration or a degree that can encompass the education you gave each other this season.”  That’s what Clemson Men’s Soccer Coach Mike Noonan told his players at their post-season banquet. Sitting in the audience as someone who recommends books, teaches classes, and designs degrees, maybe I should have been offended. But I knew Coach Noonan was right. Read More →

Teaching wisdom from Central Station Cafe’

Central station cafe

Bob “PB” Nowack taught engineering at Clemson for 62 years. This article, Teaching wisdom from Central Station Cafe’, shares a little bit of what I have learned from him. If you teach, have been taught by PB, or like all-you-can eat buffets, I think you’ll enjoy it.

100 meetings in two weeks to help you succeed in academia

Me pretending to give advice

I meet individually with every student in my classes at the beginning of the semester. In these short meetings, I try to learn what each student is hoping to do with their life and at least one other unique story about them (they worked at an orphanage over the summer, they started the University polo club, they are a bouncer at the most popular bar Read More →

We’re all teachers (reading list)


As Kid President says, “we’re all teachers.” So, here is my top 10 list of books that I think have made me a better teacher. I know they have made teaching even more fun for me. On the strength of its content, 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability takes the top spot on this list, ahead of books that are more well-known and entertaining. Reading anything Read More →