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How soccer explains… (reading list)


There is no better (or at least more fun) way to learn about our world than through soccer. Or maybe you just want to sound like an expert when discussing this summer’s World Cup. For either case, here is my top 10 list of soccer books.   Eduardo Galeano’s Soccer in Sun and Shadow tops the list. Galeano’s book is a work of art that also manages to cover Read More →

I learned more from a single soccer season than I ever learned in school

Glory days

“There is not a book, a class, a concentration or a degree that can encompass the education you gave each other this season.”  That’s what Clemson Men’s Soccer Coach Mike Noonan told his players at their post-season banquet. Sitting in the audience as someone who recommends books, teaches classes, and designs degrees, maybe I should have been offended. But I knew Coach Noonan was right. Read More →