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Sustainable engineering Ph.D. advisors

Ph.D. graduation

I’m biased to think Ph.D. students get a great experience working with me and the ESSo group, but if you’re considering our group, you should also look at these other programs. Developing this list, I took my own advice on how to pursue an engineering Ph.D, especially the part where I said Ph.D. success is largely determined by relationships with your advisor(s) and other students. So, my Read More →

You can get paid to earn your Ph.D. in engineering

Me pretending to give advice

Thousands of people have asked me how they should go about finding an engineering graduate program where they can earn their Ph.D. OK, definitely not thousands of people (or even hundreds), but enough super-talented people to justify my writing this post. Plus this is a topic where my recommendations are actually grounded in experience. I was choosing a Ph.D. program less than a decade ago. Now Read More →