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Flaming camels and road diets part 3 – we can create elegant sustainable solutions

Main street in Greenville, SC (after its road diet)

Part 1, Part 2 We are capable of creating elegant solutions, it’s just that the forces dragging us towards the complexity at point 2 are more powerful than those pulling us back down once we get there. In school, we have grades and assignments that reward complexity. Your paper should be at least 10 pages. You must show all your work. The cost estimate should have Read More →

Flaming camels and road diets part 2 – elegant and sustainable solutions are not easy

elegance fig

Part 1 Elegant solutions represent the simplicity on the other side of complexity. Ideas at point 1 in the figure are simple, but not elegant because they don’t meet user needs. When faced with attacking elephants, Timur’s men who panicked and ran found a simple solution, but one that would not have led to the capture of Delhi. Similarly, just about anyone can come up with Read More →

Flaming camels and road diets part 1


Mongolian chieftain Timur was invading India when he ran into an opposing army that included 120 war elephants with poison-coated tusks and covered in armor. Lacking any elephants of their own, Timur’s men responded to the charging war elephants either by running away or by frantically digging protective ditches. Timur’s response was simpler, and much more successful. He ordered his men to move their camels Read More →