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Energy and climate (reading list)


Here is my list of books about energy and climate that I think everyone should read.  A summary of the main points: Climate change is a big deal for humans; climate change is related to all of our other societal challenges; energy production and consumption are the biggest contributors to climate change; meeting our climate/energy obligations won’t destroy our economy (failing to do anything will); Read More →

Communicating to change the world (reading list)


If I hadn’t read these 10 books about communication, you wouldn’t be reading this now. Whether or not that is a good thing is up to you. Regardless, I can assure you that each of these books is more entertaining and informative than anything I have written. Chip and Dan Heath’s Made to Stick: Why some ideas survive and others die is tops on this list. They get Read More →

Sustainability in the built environment (reading list)

carbon zero

Academics talk about having areas of “expertise,” which sounds like bragging until you get used to it. I’m trying to stick with “specialty” instead because if there’s one thing I learn the more I learn, it’s that I’m far from an expert in anything. Anyway, the closest thing I have to expertise a specialty is sustainability in the built environment. Here is my top 10 list Read More →

We’re all teachers (reading list)


As Kid President says, “we’re all teachers.” So, here is my top 10 list of books that I think have made me a better teacher. I know they have made teaching even more fun for me. On the strength of its content, 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability takes the top spot on this list, ahead of books that are more well-known and entertaining. Reading anything Read More →

Way more fun than academic journal articles (reading list)


I just compiled my top 10 list of books that can help you digest and use academic research.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow takes the top spot on this list, in fact this is my favorite book of any type. For researchers, reading anything on this list will help you explore beyond your own field. For everyone else, I promise you’ll be better off than if you spend Read More →