Speed dating is way better than a normal class

I was planning a post this week describing how to use speed dating as a class activity. I can always count on speed dating day as one of my favorite classes of the semester – the energy in the room is unbelievable. Students enjoy it and appear to learn while, at the very least, practicing their communication skills (over and over and over). As I started to do some background research1 for my post, I was disappointed to learn that I am not the inventor of using speed dating in class. Others are using it and appear to be getting great results too. I recommend this blog post by Jacqueline Hodes for a nice overview that also includes some references with evidence that speed dating actually helps learning.

speed dating
It’s not illegal to have fun while learning

So I’m letting myself off the hook for a longer post this week – read Jacqueline’s post and then think about how you can use (or request) speed dating in your classes or meetings. I will just echo what Jacqueline says about small touches making a big difference. I use an obnoxiously loud buzzer to signify when it is time to switch partners. One of my role models, Annie Pearce, plays upbeat techno music and wears a green and white striped top hat. You’ll have fun thinking up ways to personalize speed dating to meet the student learning objectives for your class.


  1. this means I googled “speed dating class activity” []