Pigs are fast swimmers and the 10 best things I learned from students last week

I’m always learning from students, especially at the beginning of every semester, when I meet individually with everyone in my classes. So that I am not hogging knowledge, here are the 10 best things I learned from about 65 meetings last week:

#4 - Pigs are good swimmers (Image courtesy  of cdorobek on flickr)
“Pigs are fast swimmers” just barely missed the top 10 (Image courtesy of cdorobek on flickr)

10. No one considers my class the highest priority in their life.

9. It can be cheaper to “donate” medical waste than dispose of it.

8. Visiting Marrakesh should be on any traveler’s bucket list.

7. You’ll never hear someone from Charleston say “I can’t wait to move away.”

6. Southerners are way better at golf – it’s not even close.

5. Most students (even engineers) care about people.

4. The Fibonnacci sequence is even more awesome than I thought.

3. Students watch football games for the players (who get scholarships), not coaches (who get paychecks).

2. My jokes are funnier for people I will grade.

1. I have a good job