Leidy Klotz

Hi, I’m Leidy Klotz. I try to make an even better world. The best way I know how is through teaching and research, in particular trying to merge engineering and social sciences (with a goal to achieve a more sustainable built environment). I’m striving to be a leader in helping engineering rigorously incorporate social sciences in a way similar to how “behavioral” insights have advanced economics. Certainly there is much to be done to achieve that comparison: Behavioral economics is the result of decades of work by myriad scholars, including multiple Nobel Prize winners. Nevertheless, I think the analogy is useful for conveying my goal to merge engineering and social sciences.

You can learn more about my progress towards this aspirational goal on the courses and publications sections of this website, which I hope not only will share progress, but also encourages even more people to join in.

More about me

And, last but not least, a bit about my soccer career. Before trying to make a better world, I lived for soccer until I got to a level where I was spending more time on the bench than the field. To help drive up the youtube popularity, please watch this high-point from my soccer career. Yes, it was an easy goal and no, I was not offsides.