Leidy Klotz

As an engineering and architecture professor, I try to create and share knowledge where design meets behavioral science. My work has always been motivated by the quest for a built environment that is more sustainable (socially and environmentally). I am increasingly convinced that behavioral science is the missing link as we try to respond to such design challenges, which are often viewed through an overly technical lens. Everyone deserves to see that behavioral science can unlock design challenges. And this, in turn, will advance behavioral science.

You can learn more about my work on the courses and publications sections of this website, which I hope not only will share progress, but also encourage even more people to join in.

More about me

Before trying to make a better world, I lived for soccer until I got to a level where I was spending more time on the bench than the field. To help drive up the youtube popularity, please watch this high-point from my soccer career. Yes, it was an easy goal and no, I was not offsides.