Influential videos

Here are some of the videos that have had the biggest influence on me. While I don’t agree with everything in each of them, I do think watching them is time well-spent.


Randy Pausch on time management (80 minutes)

If you only have time to watch one video, watch this one. It will free up time for you to watch the rest. It’s by Randy Pausch who delivered and wrote “The Last Lecture.”

Kenneth Robinson on education and creativity (20 minutes)

The ideas he shares are huge changes from what we currently do, but they sure seem to make sense.

The Wire (3600 minutes)

I think this HBO series is the best show ever and those who watch a lot more TV than I do agree. Besides being entertaining, It’s a fantastic illustration of systems-thinking – showing how everything is connected.

Amory Lovins on energy (360 minutes)

This series has profoundly influenced my career direction. I am mesmerized by Lovins’ delivery of the material, but some of my students are not so much. Regardless, the content is priceless.

Janine Benyus on biomimicry (20 minutes)

Such an inspiring speaker and topic. Anyone who designs will benefit from this video.

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity and genius (20 minutes)

A good companion to Ken Robinson’s talk above.

Barcelona on greatness (10 minutes + about 2 hours a week if you get hooked)

I always cheer for Barcelona’s soccer team, but the 2010 team was particularly amazing. Easily the best soccer team of all time, and greatness is inspiring. This video is from a 5-0 drubbing of Real Madrid who were the 2nd best team in the world that year.

Dan Ariely on decision making (20 minutes)

Another huge influence on my career direction and general approach to life. Lots of folks work in this area, but Dan Ariely is especially devoted to communicating the concepts and their importance.

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