Elegant bathrooms

Many readers will be familiar with the problem represented in the bathroom below, a problem that is compounded when you are wearing sandals (For a full description of proper etiquette in these situations, check out post #555 on 1000awesomethings.com).

Image from 1000awesomethings.com
CC image from dokas on flickr

Assuming you have good aim, dividers can solve the problem, but not elegantly.

Image from http://newdelhi.olx.in/urinal-divider-partitons-iid-237392710

This painted on fly is a much more elegant solution to the overspray problem (I think you’ll understand how it works, but if you need more description, here’s a good overview). We need to seek elegance like this in all of our designs.

CC image courtesy of Julian Bleecker on flickr – we appreciate the close-up Julian