Academic Article Alert: Exposure to ”Role Model” Projects Can Lead to More Sustainable Infrastructure

Congratulations to Nora Harris, a Clemson undergrad and soon to be Virginia Tech Ph.D. student for her first publication: “How Exposure to ‘Role Model’ Projects Can Lead to Decisions for More Sustainable Infrastructure” in the journal Sustainability.  You can read the article for free by clicking on the link above, but the punchline is that just being exposed to a positive role model project seems to lead engineering professionals to higher goals for sustainability performance (see the figure below). That’s a pretty cost-effective way to encourage more sustainable infrastructure! To collect the data, Nora organized and ran a week’s worth of lunch-and-learns with industry professionals, which she said was worth it because of the free lunches, which is an attitude that bodes well for Nora’s satisfaction with Ph.D. studies.

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