Energy and climate (reading list)

Here is my list of books about energy and climate that I think everyone should read.  A summary of the main points: Climate change is a big deal for humans; climate change is related to all of our other societal challenges; energy production and consumption are the biggest contributors to climate change; meeting our climate/energy obligations won’t destroy our economy (failing to do anything will); more consumption is not the answer; we have the know-how to meet our climate/energy obligations; organizations, groups, and entire countries are already doing so; but the personal and political will at the scale needed to make real change is still largely missing.

David MacKay’s Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air tops this list. MacKay analyzes our current energy situation using unbiased numbers. He shows the importance of reducing consumption and using more sustainable sources of energy, in that order. Students find it memorable and enjoy the short chapters. Extra points because it’s also available free online.

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